So far; spent a diverse 14 years engaged in freelance design and artistic pursuit alongside my “day job” as a graphics designer and web master – creating print layouts, photo editing and web designs. Taking on the corporate, business side of design while disciplined and challenging, did not truly satisfy the far less lucrative, but far more limitless side of inspired moments in free flowing design. Merging philosophies of design – I began unique use of photos and graphics for album / cd art, posters, catalogs, product fliers, tourist handouts, packaging, website layouts, logos, and on. Now, time to get back to what truly stirs inside – art, expression, meaning – edgy creativity! Now using photography I hope to make thought provoking work, perhaps social commentary, a whimsical image, moment in time – or simply an appealing capture!

Born in Massachusetts and growing up along the coastline, I became fascinated with the mysteries, power and beauty of the Atlantic – certainly fuel for a young imagination. As a boy, camera or sketchpad and pencils in hand, I would wander out on the rocks, gaze at the sea, and doodle, experiment, make images with a Vivitar 110 or write. I found beauty in coastlines, story lines, object lines, social lines and, to be trite; tan lines. This region of Massachusetts is known for the concentration of diverse artists and photographers – beautiful seascapes, yes, but work and styles from boundless imagination also exists here. I often wandered the galleries and studios of the Cape Ann area; in awe and knowing I wished to create…. Having come from a long line of artists, a family of creative thinkers and artistic minded individuals, I’ve long been aware of art and the importance therein.

I did sharpen innate design skills with studies in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York. Pursuing Graphic Sciences to augment my organic exposure; I worked towards degrees in Computer Science, Computer Information Systems and Graphics Design. Later winning the DUE Award for Academic Excellence, finishing certificate programs in addition to a Computer Science degree with honors – now time for self teaching and exploration.

Having re-entered the world of photography in 2008 after a long hiatus – the discovery continues. Passion for the next image, I now create often blending the diversity of graphic design with the beauty of a capture through photography. While I enjoy the challenge and beauty in many genres, I do find I am consistently drawn to the human element. I enjoy the interaction, energy and emotion, (moods!) that can be created working with others. From beauty and contrast – grunge, grit and glam – sometimes a subtle form, dark silhouette, mystery or clean, bright portraiture. It all spills over into the final artistic process as I enjoy the subtle artistic finishing touches I carefully treat our images with – the trust accorded me while before the lens shaping my outcome..

Once a right handed left-brain science student, now a left handed right-brain graphics guy with an eye in a viewfinder eager to create.

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